20th Century Fox Round

My tips for the 20th Century Fox Round

Collingwood (foxing but will beat PA) 

Essendon (since that spunky fox Peverill is back, the Bombers can’t lose) 

WC (Dee supporters will miss this game while they pursue the fox and hound hunt this weekend) 

Brisbane (Poor ol’ Footscray will miss the 8 – this week they will be like a fox on the run – sweet as) 

Geelong (Will kick Sydney into Fox Studios) 

Hawthorn (This game is not even worthy to be shown on Foxtel) 

Kangaroos (‘Fox in Sox’ is almost as funny as Carlton losing – nice work Dr Zeuss) 

Fremantle (Not even Lindsay Fox could save St.Kilda this season  –  you are passing another Fox)


de de de de de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de de de de de de de de de de….

de de de de…

de de de de…


de de de de

(for those of you who didn’t recognise it, that was the 20th Century Fox theme music.


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