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Collingwood Nightwear


Lovingly sent to us by DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, INGO



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BAD FOOTY CARDS – episode 6

Bad Footy Cards  –  episode 6

John Manzie


Anyone who wears Keilor Park footy socks has no clues in my book.


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Hutchy’s at it again.


Well, well, well…he’s been at it again.

Most of you will know that I have little regard for the loud mouthed AFL reporter, Craig ‘Hutchy’ Hutchison.

Hutchy has a habit of shooting his mouth off with his overpowering ‘inyaface’ style of dramatic journalism and dynamic statements. Fair dinkum, Hutchy must be under pressure to find a story and as such, lo and behold, because of his premature ejaculation… – his credibility has plummeted to the pits yet again.

I refer of course to the debacle out at Punt Rd last week as AFL reporter, Craig Hutchison in reporting on the increasingly monotonous Richmond coaching job saga, fell for the all time sin of counting his chickens before they were hatched. Hutchy and his single minded yearn for a headline and being first to print has reinforced his cowboy, crash and bash style journalism and in doing so has probably sacrificed the real scoop and the story at hand.

“Terry Wallace – SACKED. Assistant coach Brian Royal – SACKED.  Jade Rawlings – NEW CARETAKER COACH” cried Hutchy.

All wrong.

How did Hutchy handle the aftermath of such a bumble?

He came out on channel 9’s AFL Footy Show to dig his own hole even deeper.

“The more humble the apology – the greater the man” (Col Gray).

Craig Hutchison had no intensions of apologizing to Wallace, Royal, Rawlings, or their families who have had to endure an arduous week. Instead, he got on his silver lined soap box and further reported on a heap of drivel involving the Richmond footy club. Hutchy’s obvious intension was to save his own skin and try to reinstate some self indulgent credibility – the kind that would have best been applied by a simple apology.

Hutchy chased Terry Wallace to his car,with a microphone rammed in his face, in classic ‘A Current Affair’ fashion. Wallace handled the situation with refined dignity.

So too, Hutchy harassed other Richmond players, Richo, Bowden, Captain Chris Newman and Mitch Morton as they left a club meeting for their cars. All players and coach handled the situation with dignity and virtually no comment which fell on deaf ears to Hutchy who claimed that they all confirmed what he had announced earlier in the week about the club in turmoil.

I saw no such confirmation from the Richmond footy club in Hutchy’s farcical display of headline journalism. What I did see was Hutchy clutching at straws for a story as he has done several times before.

Hutchy has never had an original thought in his life.

Many of you will recall that I first had issues with Craig Hutcheson and his reporting a couple of years ago. Hutchy on that occasion was on radio 3AW and reported a story about the Collingwood/Essendon ANZAC DAY clash He quoted facts and figures about how other teams had all had a chance at making ANZAC DAY a success before Collingwood and Essendon made the match their own. The facts and figures Hutchy quoted were virtually word for word for an article written earlier and printed in The Age newspaper, by DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, Bruce Clarke from team ‘PEAR’.

Never once in that radio article did Hutchy reveal the source of his information or own up to the fact that he had stolen his information from another source.

This sooky la la who won’t sit next to Sam Newman on The Footy Show because Sam picks on him, was at it again last night on Footy Classified. Hutchy openly quoted an article written by none other than his fellow panelist, Caroline Wilson! (why he would bother with that is anyone’s guess) but it is just another example of how this leech makes his living.

I’m glad that Hutchy got caught out last week with his Richmond coaching job blunder and the fact that he wasn’t big enough to own up to his mistake just further proves the weak limpet he really is.


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Poor ol’ Footscray

poor ol footscray

Now that’s funny!


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Speaking of girls of the AFL

DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, INGO has added his contribution to DGES Footytalk’s ‘GIRLS OF THE AFL’ segment by sending us his favorite Bad Footy Card…


Tipsmaster’s note: This girl of the AFL can play in my team anytime.

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BAD FOOTY CARDS – episode 5

BAD FOOTY CARDS – episode 5

Geoff Southby


I don’t care how hard he tries, or how long he waits…Green jeans will never be in fashion.

Blue and Green should never be seen…

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Tipsmaster’s note: I can’t believe they didn’t have a representative for Footscray…perhaps the Poor ol’s couldn’t afford one.

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