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We’re a not so happy team at Hawthorn


Hawthorn should just shut up and cut their whinging.

Fair dinkum it is all a bit precious about how the Hawthorn mob reckon that Mat E Lloyd is such a sniper and thug and Essendon should be more gentle with the tender and fair playing Hawks.

As for Campbell Brown. A bloke with his pedigree would not be welcome back to his Dad Mal Brown’s  dinner table in a hurry with all of his whinging and complaints. Campbell hopes Lloyd plays on next year so he can get his own payback. Well, if he was fair dinkum, Campbell could have put his money where his mouth is last Saturday. Campbell Brown only had a quarter and a half in Saturday’s game to get his pound of flesh and chose to mouth off rather than act when it counted.

How about Alistair Clarkson and his sooky, sooky cheap shot at Lloyd after the siren. This is from a bloke who goes out of his way to enhance his image as a so called tough guy at every opportunity.

Fair dinkum, grand old ‘wee and poo’ tough Hawk legends like Brereton, Dipierdomenico, Matthews, Scott, ‘Don’t think, do’ Kennedy, Robertson would be spewing up at the complaints from the sooky, sooky 2009 Hawks.

DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, PEAR summed up the situation when he quoted “Does whinging count as ‘Riding the bumps with a grin’?”

It all makes you realise why Hawthorn were once called the Mayblooms.



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Ridiculous comments from Poor ol’ Footscray supporters 5

THE BIG V has been
at it again with this ridiculous 
comment from Poor ol' Footscray

Dogs to beat Cats - Got my ticket! 
Gate 4 Bay M4 Row A Seat 1
(Great Southern Stand)
GO DOGS!!! Soon to be Premiers 2009!

TIPSMASTER's note: Believe it when I see it...


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Scenes we’d like to see.

Buddy 2 weeks.


Lloyd cleared and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


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22 Things you shouldn’t do

In celebration of our final round, DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, INGO has sent us his 22 things you shouldn’t do.
 (Tipsmaster’s note: A superbly compiled list – INGO must be having a quiet day in the office today…)
1) be a Carlton supporter
2) be a Collingwood supporter
3) think that Footscray will win the flag
4)Be 196cm tall and run into a midget.
5)Go to Saturdays game b/twen hawks and bombers and think that your team is going to win.
6)Go to the game at all.
7)Play for Richmond.
8)Be Craig Hutchy.
9) think that Hutchy is a good jurno.
10)Play St Kilda in the grand final.
11)be as ugly as Rewault.
12) Or Mc fugly.
13) Think that Terry Wallace is hard done by.
14) Think that Terry Wallace was a good coach.
15)Wonder how Hawthorn won the flag last year (it hurts my brain)
16)Look for Fev’s brain.
17) try to list 22 thinks you shouldn’t do.
18) Miss a training session.
19)Leave Footscray and go to Richmond hoping to play some finals.
20)be as tall as Gardiner (it hurts when you go through doorways)
21)Like Tony Shaw.
22) Ask Barry Hall an intelligent question.
There you have it.


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A rant by Hooter

What the hell is Andrew demetriou doing with our game!!!! What sort of a numb-nutted dumbarse idea is it to have a floating fixture? As it is, these gelatinous parasitic pharisees at AFL headquarters, led by Demetriou and that other weasel Adrian “Which end of the football do you Kick” Anderson…what IS his claim to football fame other than having his head up Demetrious sphincter, can’t get a simple fixture right…play each other once, then start again until you hit 22 games each club has played…simple isn’t it…apparently not when you have Richmond and Hawthorn playing each other for the first time in Round 21 in a 16 team competition!!!!!

If this is “The Peoples” game, then maybe the positions on the AFL board should be elected by the people…those 2 morons would not stand a chance of getting their jobs back…GIVE ME BACK MY GAME!!!!!!


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Carlscum caught tanking again.



The serial tanking team, Carlton are up to their old tricks again. I read with interest that Carlton suck, Eddie Betts, Carlton suck, Cameron Cloke and Carlton suck, Jeff Garlett (whoever he is) have been suspended for 1 week by the Carlton footy club for turning up late to a training session last weekend.

These suspensions will harm Carlton’s chances against the Crows this weekend in their bid to boost their finals aspirations.

But I’m a suspicious man.

I really believe this is a prime example of the Cheating Carlscum Footy team tanking so they can manipulate their position in the final eight, just so they don’t have to play Essendon in round 1 of the finals.

Typical Carlscum.

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Spare a thought for DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, Adam Gray from team A GRAY SUPERSTAR. Adam plays footy on the wing for the Strathmore under 16 second team. This year, Strathmore finished second on the ladder having lost only three games for the season.

Strathmore’s main foe for the season was Doutta Stars who lost only one game for the year…against Strathmore.

Everything stemmed to a thrilling final series and we all looked forward to a Grand Final show down between these two great teams. The semi final between the Strathmore and Doutta Stars was a beauty, with Doutta’s coming from behind in the last quarter  to win by 10 points, putting them in the Grand Final. Strathmore were to play Keilor in the Preliminary Final the following week for the right to play Doutta’s in the granny.

This was not going to be an easy match because Keilor were a good side in their own right. Half time of the Preliminary Final had Strathmore doing it easy and in front of Keilor by 8 goals and well on the way to a grand Final showdown against Doutta Stars.

That was until the Keilor team called for a head count 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter. Somehow, one of the Strathmore boys didn’t realize he was supposed to be on the bench and the count showed that Strathmore had started the 3rd quarter with 19 men on the ground…

The penalty in the rule book had Strathmore stripped of its’ score, plus a free kick to Keilor on the goal line. Strathmore went from being 8 goals up to 4 goals down, with the momentum swaying towards the Keilor side.

Keilor kicked another couple of quick goals, while Strathmore attempted to compose themselves after the shock of the decision.

Strathmore fought out the game well and almost overcame the Keilor team, only to eventually lose by just over a goal.

A tragedy indeed for the Strathmore team who paid a harsh penalty for a simple mistake.

The Grand Final was won the following week by Doutta Stars who defeated Keilor by 70 odd points.

Strathmore fancied their chances against Doutta Stars but were left to rue the disappointment of missing what would have been a great Grand Final between the two best teams for the year.

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