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Separated at birth,”That’s how I bat, ok…”

DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster and King of Cricket, Ross Symons of team SYMO has finally exacted some revenge on your tipsmaster.

Over the years, Symo has had to endure the ridicule of looking like a vast number of the worlds’ population, many of them medi-evil. Symo has previously been mistaken for celebreties such as Hans Grueber from the Die Hard movies, the Sherriff of Nottingham and also Dave, the bloke in the Taupo Trout Farm Brochure -New Zealand.

But this time, Symo has hit back with avengence. Symo has found some cricketing action shots of a lookalike of your tipsmaster, Col Gray.

Click on the link for your own opinion: Col Gray lookalike

Personally, I think Symo has hauntingly found my double, a classic batsman displaying elegant shot selection, the perfection of a sporting adonis.

If only there was a photo of me executing one of my classic hook  shots the picture would be complete.

Shut up you lot, that’s how I bat…

Well done Symo, I accept your SEPARATED AT BIRTH nomination



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Scenes we’d like to see – Collingwood blow it.


Everyone knows that the Flagpies…err…Magpies are going to win the premiership this year. Everyone keeps telling us.

Alan Didak told us in round 18 that he would save his puncy little goal celebration dance until the Grand Final. (no mention that they haven’t made the Grand Final yet)

Eddy McGuire is organising to have AAMI Park, Olympic Park and Rod Laver Arena open to accomodate the hordes of Magpie Morons who miss out on a ticket on Grand Final Day so they can watch the game on the big screen. (I hope the Magpie Morons  don’t mind watching Geelong and St. Kilda)

My Flagpie supporting moron workmate Brendan remarked in round 14 that he would spew if Josh Fraser gets a game in the Grand Final. (This nostradamus type ridiculous statement was made about 12 weeks before the big event)

Personally I would like Collingwood to make the Grand Final, only to lose the game to a controversial free kick after the siren. Hundreds of replays of the free kick from every camera angle will show that the free kick should not have been paid and the sooky, sooky Flagpies were dudded.


Share with us your own SCENES WE’d LIKE TO SEE.

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