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Bad Brownlows.

Collingwood great Len Thompson’s 1967 Brownlow Medal went to auction and failed to sell.

Was the asking price too high or did no one have any interest in owning Thompson’s medal?

I’m sure that there are some Brownlows out there that would be priceless and others that are of little or no interest.

Your latest challenge is to share with all of us a Bad Brownlow medal that you have no interest in adding to your collection.

I’ve got a few responses up my sleeve. Share your own thoughts with us here at DGES FOOTYTALK.



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Separated at birth

Separated at Birth is a favorite segment at DGES Footytalk.

Further to the Rick E Nixon Lookalikes from last week, our latest episode again features an old favorite Dale Thomas who has appeared in this forum before for his ability to look like a vast cross section of our commumity.

EPISODE 1 features Essendon’s newest star and round 1 Rising Star nomination Dyson Heppell. How much does Heppell looks like my pet hate player Dale Thomas?


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Rick E Nixon again

DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, INGO has added this little gem to the RICK E NIXON lookalike contest:


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Responses to Rick E Nixon lookalike contest

This is what I love best about the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP,


 Within minutes of the RICK E NIXON LOOKALIKE contest going to air, our tipsters were quick to the keyboard to add their own contibutions to the Rick E Nixon Lookalike Contest:

I found this photo of my great old school mate Phil (Moose) Wilson:

Anyone remember Steve Vizard?

TIPSTER PEAR came up with these little gems.

 Kid E Fiddler – Gar E Glitter

 (Trev R Chappell)

JJ contributed this pisser:

Who is that man(?)/person? Is it Rick E Nixon? Richard Simmons?…or could it possibly be the one the only Lee O Sayer?

And my favorite Rick E Nixon lookalike so far, lovingly sent to us by STEVE WILLS:

Greetings to all of our Kiwi friends!

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Rick E Nixon lookalikes

I was looking at AFL Player manager Rick E Nixon on TV and I couldn’t help thinking how much he looks like my aunty. The more closely I searched his face, I realised that Rick E Nixon resembles plenty of people I know.

I decided to research my theory even further and I discovered that NOVA FM were also thinking along the same lines and held a competition inviting people to enter their own Rick E Nixon lookalikes.

Please join in the fun and send me your own Pic of Rick.

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