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Reasons to be cheerful

A rant from our Italian Correspondant:
Nadia Suric from team Cellino...errr, I mean BYRD...

Maestro Colino Griggio, (that is Gray in Italiano)

Oh Deary me it seems that the mighty Bombers are grappling
 with the thought of even winning....Hmmm.....they let me
 down last round with six winners in total but for some
strange reason I still feel incredibly robbed!!
Who to trust?,,,.. I dunno!.....Who to tip?.....I dunno!.....
tipping is really doing my head in.....I need therapy....
No! I need to see a Psychic!!! that should do the trick!
Reasons to be cheerful Maestro Colino, my Blue boys
thrashed Port last week although I was literally
swearing my mouth off in front of the telly, I really
thought we were going to lose at some point..Phew!!
Alas! Maestro if there is any reason why you should be
smiling, the Sainters are 11th on the almighty AFL ladder,
considering those twats were Preliminary finalists last year,
It's not looking too good for them I'm afraid.

St Kilda  Given their track record with this mob against
poor ol' Footscray, the Sainters will probably win this,
the Doggies are looking physically and mentally exhausted,
I suppose with the outcome of this game, the Doggies can
kiss September goodbye.
Reasons to be cheerful: Dixon is suing the AFLPA 2 million
bucks! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!

West Coast Just because the Crows are playing on home
soil does not necessarily mean they will win the Eagles,
the Crows performance of late has been shocking, actually
It's no wonder their fans have lost respect for them....
I would too!
Reasons to be Cheerful: The Coach (Crows) will be given
the this space Maestro!! 

North Melbourne God I hate them!
Reasons to be cheerful: Gold Coast Bums have hit rock much for Gary "10 Million Dollar Man" Ablett
who's sorry now eh?

Geelong There is no stopping this lot they are undefeated
and will win this despite both teams playing strategically well.
Reasons to be cheerful: Geelong won Collingmaguirevomitshitwood.
Enuff said!

Carlton My Blue boys played with an impressive vengeance
last week against Port Powerless, my Blue boys are cruising
along very nicely thank you very much. I'll just kick back
on Sunday with a few glasses of Martini's....Oh Yeah! with
two olives thanks just like ol' blue eyes (Mr Frank Sinatra RIP)
Reasons to be cheerful: Number 3 Marc Murphy has just put pen to
paper for another three years with Carlton! Go Blues!!!

Shitney The kids are doing alright and well I guess this will
be an easy victory. I have just discovered something Maestro,
whenever a team is on a bye they lose!!!...Interesting!!!
Reasons to be cheerful: N.P.R

Essendon No doubt about it Maestro you will win this game
Freo are struggling to win on home territory.
Reasons to be cheerful: Freo are plagued with injuries!!!

Melbourne I know I'm going against all odds here but last
year the Demons and ...Ahem!...them! drew and the year before
last it was sooo close in the dying seconds.
Her Majesty has cast a Royal spell over those Bogan's so you
know what?.....Demons by one point!!
Reasons to be cheerful: Dane Swan and Dale Thomas are out!
There is a God!!

All the best Maestro!
Keep snuggs
The one and only



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