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Scoreboard Pressure

I’d like to introduce you to a site I have found fascinating and entertaining.

Scoreboard Pressure is a site that shows and discusses the vast variety of football scoreboards across Australia.

Vin Maskell of Scoreboard Pressure contacted me after he discovered our post “The Worst Scoreboard I have ever seen” – a DGES FOOTY TALK article about the scoreboard at the Newcomb Football Ground and he has since added the Newcomb Scoreboard to his site ‘Scoreboard Pressure’ along with a mention of DGES FOOTY TALK and a link to our own site.

Scoreboard Pressure is incredibly well researched, informative, entertaining  and humerous.

I fully recommend a visit to Scoreboard Pressure.


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Port Adelaide vs The Bye

We all know that South Australian Football is in disarray. Neither Adelaide or Port can win a game, neither have any good players and Adelaide coach Neil Craig today jumped off the sinking Adelaide  ship before being made to walk the plank by the same Crows football department who recently assured his wobbly job was safe.

Perhaps though the most damning report of the rotting South Australians at Moron Park has been lovingly sent to us from DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP TIPSTER Bruce Clarke from team ‘PEAR’.

This You Tube link shows how Port Adelaide faired in their round 18 battle against the bye.

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