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What Becomes of the BrokenHearted An ode to all Collingmaguirevomitshitwood world

As I walked the MCG of broken dreams,
I have visions of my losing team
Magpies happiness is just an illusion
Filled with anger and confusion
What becomes of the brokenhearted
Now Malty has just departed
Magpies have got to find, some kind of piece of mind, baby. (wail out loud to "Bogans" Geelong fans)
What becomes of the fainthearted
Who have thought that Magpies faltered
Cats have already found
Winning has made them jolly proud, baby {No need for Bogan's here folks!)
The roots of hatred keeps growing all round
But for Magpies they come crashing down
Every day Malty heads pounds a even stronger (always stronger)
I can't stand the Cats reign any longer
Magpies supporters walk in shadows looking for a fight
Cold and alone, no Cats supporters to fight
Hoping and praying that Malty/Bucks cares
Always moving and getting nowhere
What becomes of the brokenhearted
Now that Bucks has just only started
We have got to really find
Some body's head to surely grind, baby (Cats supporters all together now "Bogans")
Malty/Bucks have not conceded
For some answers are quickly needed
Oh the Cats they are bloody grinning
All now that is really left is that unhappy ending and no beginning.
Now what becomes of the Magpies heart ache
We have lost and Malty has really departed
Maguire has surely got to find 
Some players to kick and grind
For his Magpies fans piece of mind
Eddie's searching everywhere
Just to find a player to square
He'll be looking every day
Miles, kilometers away
Nothing is going to stop him now
Eddie/Malty/Bucks will find a way some how, baby (Geelong city sing! "sore losers!" ) Oooohhhhh......

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