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I just heard a rumour that tipstress Loretta Plant from team KING CAREY has quit the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP.

This is the most piss weak decision I have ever heard, one that should be punishable by permanent banishment from the country, followed by a Chinese burn and a wedgie.

The only thing saving KING CAREY on this occassion is the fact that her husband SANTA is a most loyal devotee tipster of the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP, a tipster so loyal he should be honoured with distinction for his loyalty, persistence, verve and style.

Shame on you KING CAREY, I only hope time can erase the hurt and abandonment I am feeling right now and the shame and embarrassement you have brought upon your family of tipsters. May you live a long and happy existence in your new life of anti DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP.

Yours faithfully, Col. Your ever loyal tipsmaster.

Tipsmaster’s note: If any of you other tipsters of the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP are planning similar acts of disloyalty, beware…you will be in the gun too…


I want to give Pommy a fighting chance as well as few others (they know who they are)

 Plus you went corporate and sent it offshore next we will be getting the washup from a call centre in New Deli.

King Carey.


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Poor ol’ Footscray revert to their Poor ol’ Strip

I’m interested to read that Poor ol’ Footscray have reverted back to their blue guernsey with the red and white hoops. This was the guernsey that was worn by the Poor ol’ Footscray players in their moment of glory, the 1954 season when Poor ol’ Footscray actually won something…the 1954 flag.

“We see the new Guernsey as the birth of a new tradition – that reflects our connection to our community and commitment to build the Western Front,” says Western Bulldogs Chief Executive, Simon Garlick.

Poor ol’ Footscray have tried several different strips in their bid for an identity that has lost it’s way over the decades. From Footscray to the Western Bulldogs and back again, nothing seems to have worked for this club who spruiks so much but displays a cabinet so bare.

The heritage guernsey has a touch of Nanna’s tea towel about it, something Happy Hammond would be proud to wear. This depiction tells the whole poor ol’ story, the body language of the players suggests that Poor ol’ Footscray may have lost…again…

Whoever designed this guernsey with Fido on the front had no idea how to draw. It doesn’t even look like a dog. The caricature looks more like a dog’s skull than the head of man’s best friend. Poor ol’ Footscray were always dead dogs with this on their chest.

We would all be familiar with this Poor ol’ Footscray guernsey. This strip is the one the Bulldogs wore for twenty odd years from about 1980. I always thought it looked best with the red shorts.

The away strip displayed the dead dog again.

This collection of Poor ol’ Footscray guernseys are my favorites. These were the proposed designs when Poor ol’ Footscray were rumoured to be merging with the struggling Fitzroy Lions. Was it Fitzcray or Footsroy?

Then again Poor ol’ Footscray have been rumoured to merge with just about every other team…

No matter how you look at it, you have to hand it to Poor ol’ Footscray for trying. Let’s hope reverting to the old hoops will bring back some of the magic of ’54 so the Dogs can actually win something and get me off their back forever.


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Vale Jim Stynes – a true inspiration.Image

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Today is a day to behold, tipsters!

Today is a milestone day in the proud history of the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP. You see tipsters, today we signed up our first ever Greater Western Sydney supporter. (This tipster probably has the distinction of being the first ever Greater Western Sydney supporter anywhere).

Yes folks, Aberfeldie- St Johns Cricket Club star Dean Harris from team DEANOSKA is a first year tipster in the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP and has nominated his AFL team of choice as GWS- Great Western Sydney.

I thought Dean was going to give me the fairy tale story of how he has barracked for GWS all of his life, he has never missed a game and has all of the players’ autographs – until he sent me this message:

“Hey Col, being a Western Sydney boy. I’m going to go for GWS from now on, the Swans can move over for where the real talent in Sydney comes from!!”

You really have to admire Dean’s optimism but I tend to wonder, is being the only GWS supporter like being the only gay in the village?


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Lovingly sent to us by DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster Dave Bibby.


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Separated at Birth



Former NZ cricketer Chris Cairns is in all sorts of shit for match fixing…the NZ Herald posted this picture of Cairns…if they ever make a movie of this, I’m tipping they’ll get Will Ferrell to play the lead…


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Injuries sideline our stars for the season opener.


The only disappointing news about the 2012 AFL footy season getting under way in ten days time is the injury tolls to some of the stars of our game.

All of us want to see the best players in action and get a true indication of how the clubs would really fare with a full book of players. Quite often the team on the dais at the end of the season is the team with few injuries and a deep list of quality players.

As club supporters, we are secretly ecstatic when an opposition player is ruled out for the week when our team is due to play them. Who wouldn’t want to come up against Carlton without Judd, Hawthorn without Buddy, Collingwood without Swan or Geelong without Bartel, but the reality is we all want to see these stars in action and it is so much more gratifying to beat them with their full list.

One of my all time favorite players is Brisbane’s Jonathon Brown who will miss the next four or five weeks after again suffering a horrendous facial injury. This time a fractured cheekbone. This is Brown’s third unrelated facial injury and is testamount to the way he plays the game. Hard, fearless and courageous.

Collingwood’s Andrew krakouer is another, cut down for the season with a knee injury after making a gallant comeback to footy and having a fine 2011 season.

Carlton’s Jeremy Laidler will miss six weeks after a sickening knee cap dislocation.

At the same time, It is great to see Hawthorn’s Jarrad Roughead, Essendon’s Courtenay Dempsey, Jason Winderlich and the Saints’ Lenny Hayes are all due to resume their AFL careers in round one 2012 after long term injuries put them all out of the game last season.

Melbourne’s Liam Jurrah has a lot of off field issues to worry about, who knows if we will ever see his lightning talents again on a football field. Suspended players also keep our appetites on hold as they miss games as a result of their on field misdemeanours.

Love ’em or hate ’em, our game is so much better with the stars on the ground and not in the tribunal or the medical room.

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