The Art Of Sledging…Giro Numero Nove…(Round 9)…


Following on from the round of Sledging last week, Our Italian Correspondents BYRD, CONTESSA MANSKI & UNCLE EV have put their slant on the sledging issue:

Something must be horribly wrong while you are watching a football match with your family members including friends, out of nowhere the tension on the playing field has reached at boiling point.

The Murphy-Carlisle exchange included a comment about drug use additionally a comment about Marc “Il Capitano” Murphy’s wife Jessie.

In the end, after St Kilda admitted its shortcomings, the football club was criticized for its lack of a sincere apology.

Perhaps the Saints should have made Carlisle apologize, but, no, instead Carlisle did one better, he got on to social media, something he ought to avoid and tweeted in which he called Murphy a whinger.

Jake “Coward” Carlisle has to tread carefully, he’s at his second club and just nine games into his new career, no doubt he has already brought wide condemnation on the club.

That tweet which came after between his club and Murphy’s club would have to be the dumbest act a football player has committed on social media.


As for the AFL, they also took a hammering.

The AFL sets the rules. But the players themselves, through their AFLPA have the opportunity to set their own code of workplace etiquette and standards.

The AFL, their silence this week, after one of the nastiest verbal attacks in recent history, was deafening.


Clearly, the saying stick and stones is no longer applicable in any area of society.


Here is some classic sledging in the seasons that has gone by.


“Do we get four points for this win or do we just get two?” – Geelong – Andrew Mackie asked this to his team mates during a big win against North Melbourne, alluding to the fact that it might have been too easy to warrant getting the full four points.


“Get me a footy record, I want to find out who this kid is.” – North Melbourne – Wayne Carey would often ask trainers this question in front of any new player he would come up against.


“Who are you? Stop playing mate, you’re no good.” – Collingwood – Dane Swan has been known to use this on his opponents.


“It’s because I’ve been carrying you guys for five years – Carlton – Chris Judd said this in response to former Eagle Brett Jones having a go at Judd’s excessive shoulder tape in his first game against his old club.


“If you’re still on me at half time I’ll give you $100 – Carlton – Brendan Fevola to Essendon’s Michael Hurley.

“I’ve got more premierships than you’ve played games.” – Geelong – Steve Johnson to GWS player in the club’s first season in the League.


“Mate are you old enough to have pubes yet?” – Shitney’s – Big bad Barry Hall to Brisbane’s Jack Redden.


“Are you going to use the same bowl you use when you get your hair cut?” – Essendon’s – Mark McVeigh said this to Brisbane legend Jonathan Brown in response to Brown telling him he was going to eat him.


“They both sleep with the light on and in bunk beds.” – Brisbane – Martin Pike about the Wakelin twins.


Finally the best of the rest belongs to the one and only…




“Try that again, and you won’t see the sun go down!” St Kilda colossus Tony “Plugga” Lockett to Adelaide defender Nigel Smart after getting some close attention. This was almost a threat as much as a sledge.


We are please to confirm that Smart didn’t try it again, and he got to see the sun go down that night.


A trip to memory lane, anyone recalls this infamous stoush on AFL Grand Final Day in 2004?



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