Under Pressure

Our Italian Correspondents BYRD, CONTESSA MANSKI & UNCLE EV are wondering if you are all Under pressure? If so you may ease things with their annual mid year AFL report.


Once again, the mid season is upon us, time now to begin with the mid year report on the AFL coaching mindset.

Without a doubt this would have to be one of the most unpredictable season for quite some time as far as game playing is concerned, flip the other side of the coin, the benchmark in pointing the comparison with the coaching outlook has been dealt with heavy scrutiny.

In particular with some notable coaches and their clubs, unless they can get their teams to succeed in doing what the club wants them to achieve, win some games.

The 2017 season is shaping up to be as a make or break one for a number of AFL sides and their coaches.


The curse and the torment of the mid season, before too long someone will eventually feel anxious, stress and unwillingly due to pressure will have to call it a day.


Who will be facing the AFL guillotine?




Don “Is Don…Is Good! Pyke is proving to be a formidable operator with his Crows, highly likely they will revisit the finals in September…again!

Looks as though the big kahuna has already charted his geographical map into the finals.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 9.5/10 – Guts and stamina.




Seeing that this is Chris “Reviewing The Situation” Fagan’s first season as their senior coach, at this stage whatever wins will be a positive one, let’s just give him time to sculpt his Lions into a more competitive side.

Don’t bother with bootless errands or you will be literally torn to shreds.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 3.5/10 – Snail Trailing.




Brendon “Thor!” Bolton is still relatively new to the role who is fielding an inexperienced list; he needs to win more games unless he wants to end up like his predecessor – “Mea Colpa” Malthouse.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 5/10 – Growth -Too much yapping will send these boys packing.




Since Nathan “I’m Gonna Be Sacked Sooner Rather Than Later” Buckley tenure as the senior coach, beyond question is his survival has been much to speculate and is under pressure more than any other senior coach in the league.

Clearly admired by his administrators and his players, but will that be enough?


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 1/10 – Unwanted. Believe the truth Bucks!




Not much has happened since John “The Other Johnny!” Worsfold has come on board.

Give him due credit, he had to take steps in moving this club forward after a tumultuous four long years of extreme hardship.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 6/10 – Forget and Respect.




Ross “ No Longer The Boss” Lyon maintains to develop and produce young recruits, but he still seems to rely heavily on the older players leading to massive defeats.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 2.5/10 – Asininity and stupidity.




After a slow start, Chris “Beam Me Up Scotty” Scott has surprised quite a few with their winning formula. Can he take the Cats to the finals? Another flag?


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 7.5/10 – Cool for Cats.


Gold Coast Bums


Cursed by injuries and the desertion of several key players, Rodney “Rocket” Eade’s contract expires at the end of this season; he needs to finish this season off on a high.

Can he do it?


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 4.5/10 – Stubborn.


GWS (Geez! Which State?)


Leon “King of Leon” Cameron has been sanctified with the AFL’S current list.

The ladder leading Giants are a premiership favourite midway through the season.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 8/10 – No fear.




Considered one of the best Coaches of the modern era, the Hawks are at crossroads.

Contracted through 2019, Clarko needs to stop thinking that the football world owes him a living.

AFL football and his club were here first!


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 3/10 – End of an era?




Still finding his feet, Simon “Simon Says” Goodwin and the Demons are desperate to see their side in the finals. If not, Goodwin will probably be blamed for another missed opportunity.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 5.5/10 – Uncertain if not unsettled.






North Melbourne


Committed to rebuild and restore the club after sending off Brent “Legend” Harvey and several other players last season much to all our disgust, Brad “Beam Me Down Scotty” Scott is determined to focus on still being competitive, regardless of his critics.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 5.o/10 – Ruthlessly vindictive.


Port Adelaide


Ken “Kinky” Hinkley will be off contract at the end of this year, anything short of the finals will leave him vulnerable and unsafe.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 5.5/10 – Facetious.




Damian “Hardly” Hardwick has turned his fortunes around; only recently Damo admitted that he was nearly sacked last year. Contracted through next year, he will surely get an extension.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 5/10 – Bold.


St Kilda


Alan “You Can Call Me Al” Richardson is incredibly lucky that he still has Nick “Dikileaks” Riewoldt in the team, so far so good.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 6.5/10 – Fortune favours the brave.




John “Here’s Johnny!” Longmire along with his unsteady crew will have to sail a very long journey if they want to revisit the finals this year.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 4/10 – Twelve weeks in a leaky boat.


West Coast Eagles


Adam “Go West!” Simpson took the Eagles to a grand final in 2015 remember?

Not sure if he can pull this one through. Still finding their form.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 6.0/10 – Temperamental. One week they’re hot and the next they’re cold.


Western Bulldogs


Luke “St. Luke” Beveridge is locked in until the end of 2020 after last year’s premiership.

A brilliant negotiator, mentor as well as being admired and esteemed by the wider football community and beyond.


Italian Correspondent’s Survival Score: 10/10 – Immortal.





Run with the ball or you will fall.









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