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Disgraceful Tipstering Decision

Good morning tipsters.

I suppose by now most of you will have noticed on the tipping site that we all tipped all 4 correct winners last weekend. Yes folks, as many of you notified me late last Friday, the tipping website had crashed so many of you were unable to submit your tips.

Hence the footytips website has decided to reward everyone with excellence, regardless of the fact that most of you pesky late tipsters were trying to get a sneaky edge over the rest of us by submitting your tips at the last minute.

Well let me tell you, I reckon it is a dead set disgrace. For the first time in my life I was head to head with tipster PEAR and one ahead of BARNSEY and PADDO. Now my one moment of tipstering glory has been bruitally taken away from me.

Bloody computers.

Oh woe is me…

Col – Your ever shattered tipsmaster.

This is the official message from the footytips website on the issue:

We will be awarding participating tippers correct tips and margins for all matches in all sports which occurred from
5PM AEDT Friday March 14th to Monday March 17th inclusive, as a result of the hardware and database issues that affected the website and mobile platforms over the weekend.

We understand that many tippers were unable to make their selections over the weekend, and we believe this is the fairest solution for all active users.

Please note that we will not be awarding correct tips for the remainder of AFL round one from Thursday March 20 to Sunday March 23 inclusive.

We have taken steps to correct the technical problems that affected the website and mobile platforms last weekend, and we are working hard to ensure you have a stable platform on which to make your tips.We apologise again for the inconvenience this has caused.


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Tipsmaster caught naked…


Now that I have your attention – don’t forget to sign up today for the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP.

The games begin tonight.

Contact your tipsmaster if you need assistance signing up

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Scoreboard Pressure

I’d like to introduce you to a site I have found fascinating and entertaining.

Scoreboard Pressure is a site that shows and discusses the vast variety of football scoreboards across Australia.

Vin Maskell of Scoreboard Pressure contacted me after he discovered our post “The Worst Scoreboard I have ever seen” – a DGES FOOTY TALK article about the scoreboard at the Newcomb Football Ground and he has since added the Newcomb Scoreboard to his site ‘Scoreboard Pressure’ along with a mention of DGES FOOTY TALK and a link to our own site.

Scoreboard Pressure is incredibly well researched, informative, entertaining  and humerous.

I fully recommend a visit to Scoreboard Pressure.

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Correction from your tipsmaster.

It has been brought to my attention that an error has occured in round 6 of the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP. Even more alarming is that your tipsmaster is the culprit of the mistake…
Hard to believe, I know but maybe it is sheer evidence that I am only a little more superior than you cretins, rather than a lot more superior.

You see, I’m struggling to come to terms with the format of fixturing in this 2011 season. Some rounds have 8 games, others have only 7.
I am guilty of assuming that the winner of the jackpot for selecting 8 winners should be the tipster who picks 8 winners.
Alas – as you will all now be aware, round 6 contained only 7 matches and no less than 6 tipsters pick all 7 games correct. SOUPIE, PADDOSTIVA, POMMIE, LEGEND, and OUR MITZ
I can appreciate that you have all been behaving yourselves of late so I am going to reward those tipsters who select all matches correctly each round, regardless of if there are 5,6,7 or 8 matches for that round. Such is the kind heartedness of your tipsmaster
A round of applause for your tipsmaster please…
The six tipsters who selected the 7 winners correctly shall all share in the $15.00 that was on offer for round 6 meaning that you are all now the proud owners of $2.50 each. Let me know how you would like to claim your booty, or I can make a note of it on file and let the winnings accumulate until the end of the season. Alternatively, for those of you who are that way inclined, you can have a sip of my beer in lieu of payment if you so desire (please brush your teeth first).
This means that the jackpot for round 7 is now back to $5.00
I regret the error and inconvenience this has caused but not enough to say sorry.
Carry on…


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Subscribe to DGES Footytalk via Email

If you would prefer to receive new posts to DGES Footytalk via your email inbox (rather than have to remember to come back here to check if there’s anything new), click on the link below:

Subscribe to DGES Footytalk via email.

Otherwise click on the ‘Subscribe via Email’ link on the sidebar.

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Become a registered user

Some DGES Footytalkers have asked how they can become a registered user of the site.

There are a few advantages in becoming a registered user:

  • Your user details can be automatically captured each time you log on, so there is no need to type in your details every time you want to leave a comment;
  • Registered users can add their own new posts to the site;
  • Registered users can select an avatar (photo) that appears next to each of their posts/comments.

If you want to become a registered user, send Col or Pear an email and we will arrange for an invitation to be sent out to you.

Or else leave a comment with your email address below.

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Numbers are looking great so far in the 2008 DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP. After only 2 days of campaigning we already have over 40 signed up tipsters, including 10 new members.

I would like to make mention of veteren tipsters HOOTER and JUDESTER who have been on the recruiting trail and signed up an extra four tipsters to our comp for this season. These four tipsters take Hooter and Judester’s recruits over the years to 11 tipsters.

While this is a fantastic effort and very much appreciated, don’t even think about a spotter’s fee you lot…


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