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Bad Sporting Photos


Following on from our highly successful  segment of yesteryear, ‘BAD FOOTY CARDS’ , we have a brand new segment for you all to enjoy in DGES FOOTY TALK.

Yes folks. I introduce to you ‘BAD SPORTING PHOTOS’

You are encouraged to join in this competition with your own BAD SPORTING PHOTOS contributions – I don’t care which sport you choose, I don’t care which photo you send me (although censorship may prevent some of those Mud Wrestling pics you all have lovingly saved in the depths of your eye phone (sic) machine things…)

I’m going to start us off with a ripper photo I found on the back cover of one of my old cricket books.

The book is titled ‘SPIN OUT’ by ASHLEY MALLETT.

Ashley Mallett is a highly regarded Australian off spin bowler for the Australian Cricket team of the late ’60s to late 70’s.

His cricket reputation however will never, EVER match his appalling fashion sense as is shown in our first edition of ‘BAD SPORTING PHOTOS;

I present to you Episode 1 of ‘BAD SPORTING PHOTOS’




In case you missed the features, Mallett in this BAD SPORTING PHOTO is supporting a bad ’70’s Mullet (lovingly known as ‘THE MALLETT MULLETT’), a Happy Hammond sports coat and a pipe.

Ashley Mallett…a worthy first contestent in the inaugural edition of the DGES FOOTY TALK ‘BAD SPORTING PHOTOS’.

Please send me your own contributions.


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Bad Cricket Cards – episode 1


Michael Bevan.

Get a load of the terrible shot Michael Bevan is playing in this 1st episode of DGES FOOTY TALK’s ‘Bad Cricket Cards’

Foot not to the pitch of the ball, head nowhere near the pitch of the ball, face of the bat pointing towards gully, bottom hand off the bat…

There is only one place the ball is going in this shot, right down the throat of the fieldsman at cover.

Bevan out!

Michael Bevan also qualifies for the 1 in 3 Bult rule.


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