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TIPSMASTER’s NOTE: This is a pic of BIG AL on a very windy day in Darwin.



Is it round seven?

It was muttered

Not tipped 9

I was gutted

I’ll try again with the Hawks and D’s

And do my best to not mention wee’s

But the ski season is closing in

So have to grant the hawks a win

The form team this millennium

Wear hoops of blue and white

The crows can knock them off

But this week, I think, not quite

I declare a CRAP OFF this week

Let’s gather up all of the dregs

The newcomers will go wanting

And the Gold Coast’ll have the Legs

The black striped pussy lovers

Might fear the long necked duck

But this will be a close one

Hence Sydney have my “Buck”

Brisbane suffered a flood just passed

With losses that are still in court

This week won’t be different

As they go down to Voldermort

The wiggles have a big red car

But it don’t have a big black sash

I can’t see the Hird disciples

Taking home this weeks cash

I have seen a dog take down a roo

And the reverse is also right

In this case I’ll back the hoppers

Cause the muzzled dogs can’t bite

Now both these teams live near ports

But I’ll join Powers knockers

I don’t think they are the real McCoy

So will happily tip the Dockers

I wish I had a big Halo

So I couldn’t ever lose

But the saint headwear won’t help

As they meet the rampaging Blues

My tips are done, it’s finished

I really can’t write no more

This should help the level

Of my quickly flagging score

Tipsmaster’s note: I am humbled by the pen he grips to enlighten us with his verse of tips…


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Big Al and the great poem…that’ll show em…

TIPSMASTER’s NOTE: Unfortunately this is the only pic I have of Big Al…

DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY COMP tipster ALAN CONLEY from team BIG AL has a knack for poetry and is a renowned wordsmith. BIG AL has started us off on our new DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP segment :


I have read some awesome diatribes
Touting what team is best this time
So my tips submitted this week
Shalt hence be done in rhyme

A dog should bite a magpie
Spilling feathers to the floor
But the Voldemorts I have picked
The margin thirty four

The bombers have not convinced me
The Lions are tame as mice
So don’t back the boys from Brissy
At least that’s my advice

The Poofy cats are sleepers
But the Dees are comatose
The sleepy hollow felines
Will make sure this one ain’t close

Diagonal corners of the country
These two mobs represent
The “meter maids” will doubtless
Downward on the ladder be sent

This one has some interest
And I’m sitting on the fence
The Saints may have the magic
But I will tip the excrements

How crap are these crow eaters
Their best is gone by far
So with unadulterated pleasure
I will tip the Mardi Gras

The Tiges are up and roaring
Well a quite loud purr at least
The Power will be unplugged
By this monstrous stripy beast

Don’t Hop on the Kangas
Their form is up and down
Those skivvy wearing wiggles
Won’t lose in their hometown

A giant in the AFL
So this week the mighty Blue boys
Will put them in their slot
The tips are in I’m finished
As I languish down the list
So don’t follow at all my guidance
I only tip when pissed.

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Darwin photo opportunity

Upon our recent hush, hush secret government assignment to the Fanny Bay race track in Darwin, at the top end of our great nation, an elite S.A.S (Sober and Secretive) selection of tipsters from the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP were minding our own business when Coalition leader, Tony Abbott decided to join us one day for breakfast.
Tony Abbott and S.A.S (Sober & Secretive) agent, DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, Ian Jones from team JONESY

Tony Abbott and S.A.S (Sober & Secretive) agent, DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, Mark Lipplegoes from team MAL PAVING

Although this Fanny bay Race Track assignment was in fact a top secret mission of the utmost intelligence these  photo’s have been leaked for the exclusive use of the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP.
Unfortunately DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster and fellow S.A.S agent,  BIG AL missed the photo opportunity especially since he had his budgy smuggler T-Shirt on that day too…
True Story!

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