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Do-Gooders are stuffing our game up.





The do-gooders are at it again in this Nanny State we live in.

Some panel of idiots have decided that we will no longer be doing any scoring, awards or finals for the kids in under age Aussie Rules footy There will be no ladders, match results or representative teams under the new ruling.

We will not have any scoreboards at the game either – the boofheads who decided this think the kids won’t know who has won and who the best players were.


It seems we can’t let little Johnny get upset if his team loses or if he doesn’t get a medal at the end of the year. Learning to lose is probably more important for the junior boys and girls than learning to win and we do this by letting the kids experience both.

Striving for excellence often begins with finishing second.

Many years ago I played in an under 11’s junior footy team where we did not win a game all year but it did not deter me from the contest the following week.

I recently coached a junior cricket team that only won 2 games for the year but every kid turned up to training each week and loved playing the game every Saturday.

Do we have to wrap up our babies in cotton wool forever? Already tackling has been taken out of junior footy in a lot of competitions which may or may not be a good thing for the little kids but but taking the prize away from them is just ridiculous and does not teach any life skills to our children. Life is full of winning and losing and what better place than a sporting club to get kids accustomed to life’s disappointments of finishing second and striving to finish first.

Has this ridiculous ruling been brought in to curb the  feral parents at the game who are more obssesed with the result of the contest than the kids are? (I have seen plenty of feral parents at junior footy first hand). Will taking the scoring and the result away really improve the behaviour of the red neck parent? Will it really make the kids happy at the end of the game/season?

I think not.

Kids love talking about the game, who won and lost and who the best players were.

Perhaps we should take away scoring, awards and premierships at  senior AFL level too so the Poor ol’ Footscray supporters can finally have something to smile about.



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Disgraceful Tipstering Decision

Good morning tipsters.

I suppose by now most of you will have noticed on the tipping site that we all tipped all 4 correct winners last weekend. Yes folks, as many of you notified me late last Friday, the tipping website had crashed so many of you were unable to submit your tips.

Hence the footytips website has decided to reward everyone with excellence, regardless of the fact that most of you pesky late tipsters were trying to get a sneaky edge over the rest of us by submitting your tips at the last minute.

Well let me tell you, I reckon it is a dead set disgrace. For the first time in my life I was head to head with tipster PEAR and one ahead of BARNSEY and PADDO. Now my one moment of tipstering glory has been bruitally taken away from me.

Bloody computers.

Oh woe is me…

Col – Your ever shattered tipsmaster.

This is the official message from the footytips website on the issue:

We will be awarding participating tippers correct tips and margins for all matches in all sports which occurred from
5PM AEDT Friday March 14th to Monday March 17th inclusive, as a result of the hardware and database issues that affected the website and mobile platforms over the weekend.

We understand that many tippers were unable to make their selections over the weekend, and we believe this is the fairest solution for all active users.

Please note that we will not be awarding correct tips for the remainder of AFL round one from Thursday March 20 to Sunday March 23 inclusive.

We have taken steps to correct the technical problems that affected the website and mobile platforms last weekend, and we are working hard to ensure you have a stable platform on which to make your tips.We apologise again for the inconvenience this has caused.

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Tipsmaster caught naked…


Now that I have your attention – don’t forget to sign up today for the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP.

The games begin tonight.

Contact your tipsmaster if you need assistance signing up

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What I know about Dean Bailey.

Dean Bailey

(pic: Melbourne FC)

What I know about Dean Bailey.

Dean Bailey played 50 odd games for Essendon in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. While watching those matches, I remember I used to comment that Bailey always started his games well and was a nuggety on-ball type player. I have since seen video footage of him playing for Essendon on my father’s extensive range of old VCR footy replays and he was perhaps a better player than I remember. He kicked a booming long 60 metre goal on the run at Windy Hill against Sydney and had the ball on a string that day. He also played plenty of great games as an important ‘run with’ player in the Bomber’s teams of the day.

Dean Bailey’s two boys Mitch and Darcy played footy and cricket at the Strathmore club with my own son Adam. Dean was often there watching his boys and while I can’t claim to have known him well (I knew him as “G’day Dean”, he knew me as “G’day Mate”), I do have a couple of memories that spring to mind.

Dean always seemed to have a joke or a dry witty comment or an observation on the game. He was extremely approachable and he would often voice his comments on the game to those standing with him. It was easy to forget he was the AFL star that he was in his day job. He was just another dad at the local game on a Saturday morning. Mitch and Darcy always went out of their way to say hello – most often before being spoken to first.

If I was rostered to collect the boys’ subs money for the day’s game, Dean would point towards his wife and comment ‘Caron’s the finance lady!’

I sat next to Dean at a cricket match one morning and had a general conversation about the Essendon Football Club in his time of playing there. He was very open and frank about the ins and outs and the workings of the club. He seemed to have loved his time at Essendon and was very obliging in letting me in to some of the secrets of the personalities and workings at the Bombers at the time.

There was just the two of us chatting on this occasion and I have always remembered that conversation.

Dean Bailey – tragically taken too soon.

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Who’s in the Box o’beer box seat?

Here we are at the business end tipsters and I know you are all happy for me.

You see, your tipsmaster is equal first in the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP all important race for the slab of your choice (to the value of VB) in the battle for the finals series winner glory thing…

And let me tell you tipsters. I’m getting thirsty!

Others in the running for the slab of your choice (to the value of VB) are:

BUSTLING BASIL on top and in the undisputed box o’ beer box seat.

NICH 1147 (who I am sure would love to share the slab of his choice to the value of VB with his mate Col…)

AAA AUSSIE MAL (the King of Speights Old Mac)

Last season’s slab of your choice to the value of VB winner IAN WALSH from team SKINFUL

HOOTER – say no more – Hooter and your tipsmaster are as thick as thieves and I can feel a sip coming my way should Hooter win the slab of beer to the value of VB

BYRD – I am very pleased to see that our Italian correspondent and wordsmithtress extraodinaire BYRD is in line for the slab of her choice (to the value of VB)  because I know she would love to share her spoils with her very loyal tipsmaster. Acclamazioni tipstress Byrd. Vediamo l’ora di assaggiare la birra!

OUR MITZ. Who better to win the slab of her choice (to the value of VB) than your tipsmaster’s own sister. I reckon she owes me a beer too – just for old times’ sake…

ETHAN DAVEY. My young bloke’s bestest mate would love to share the slab of his choice (to the value of VB) with his tipstmaster. Especially since he inadvertantly shared his tipsmaster’s six pack of beer father’s day present only a few weeks ago…

EL MORGANEZ – not sure if El Morganez would prefer the slab of beer (to the value of VB) or a bottle of tequila complete with worm (or scorpion as I experienced first hand the other night) Looking forward to saluting El Morganez with a celebratory something…

PEAR. One of the worlds’ great potential slab of his choice (to the value of VB) winners. Scenes we’d like to see – Pear with the watery eyes after indulging the slab of his choice (to the value of VB) in extra quick time.

These are our tipsters in the Grand Final box o’ beer box seat.

Too exciting for words tipsters.

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Half time entertainment

Opera Australia have suggested to the AFL that we need half time entertainment at our AFL matches.

What a load of bollocks!

They game itself is the entertainment. We used to have pre-match entertainment in the form of the reserves teams playing before the main match where you could watch the up and coming stars play. This pre-match entertainment was taken away from us (without a reduction in the cost of the entry ticket I might add).

How about bringing back the Hyde St Band that used to hobble around the Western Oval?

Rugby League needs the razamataz to entertain their crowds. Do we want our game to be like the Rugby League where the game is full of fireworks, acrobats, jugglers, clowns and loud music because the game itself is a dud?

Fair enough to have half time entertainment for the Grand Final which is a huge event in itself but for the home and away series, leave half time for the Little League, let the crowd get a beer and discuss the game with their mates, forget about the razamataz and ring the siren to start the 3rd quater.





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NRL insults our National Anthem

I tuned in to watch the NRL State of Origin match between QLD and NSW on Wednesday night. As is tradition with these events they had a performer sing the National Anthem before the game. This years’ singer was Caitlin Marks, the star of the Musical Stage Production ‘ANNIE’.

I was disappointed and amazed to find that Caitlin performed the song in character, wearing the costume and wig she wears for the stage show. This is a very distinctive costume which would be immediately identified as relating to the show ANNIE and was clearly an advertisement for the show which is currently playing in Melbourne.

I have always believed in the national anthem and the patriotism it represents. I believe that we should stand with our hats off when it is played at an event. I always proudly stand and sing along and I am always disappointed when sportsmen and sportswomen don’t sing along.

The NRL deny any knowledge prior to the event of Caitlin performing in character but I think someone should have been responsible and stepped in and over ruled to make her change her outfit before she went out to sing. We live in a world inundated with advertising and I don’t believe it was an accident. My suspicious mind suspects there may have been a deal done as a clear advertisement for the show.

Call me a prude but our national anthem should not be used as an advertising platform, either directly or indirectly for any organisation or product.



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