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The dramatic saga continues…

Lovingly sent to us by Anne Thorne.


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What I know about Dean Bailey.

Dean Bailey

(pic: Melbourne FC)

What I know about Dean Bailey.

Dean Bailey played 50 odd games for Essendon in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. While watching those matches, I remember I used to comment that Bailey always started his games well and was a nuggety on-ball type player. I have since seen video footage of him playing for Essendon on my father’s extensive range of old VCR footy replays and he was perhaps a better player than I remember. He kicked a booming long 60 metre goal on the run at Windy Hill against Sydney and had the ball on a string that day. He also played plenty of great games as an important ‘run with’ player in the Bomber’s teams of the day.

Dean Bailey’s two boys Mitch and Darcy played footy and cricket at the Strathmore club with my own son Adam. Dean was often there watching his boys and while I can’t claim to have known him well (I knew him as “G’day Dean”, he knew me as “G’day Mate”), I do have a couple of memories that spring to mind.

Dean always seemed to have a joke or a dry witty comment or an observation on the game. He was extremely approachable and he would often voice his comments on the game to those standing with him. It was easy to forget he was the AFL star that he was in his day job. He was just another dad at the local game on a Saturday morning. Mitch and Darcy always went out of their way to say hello – most often before being spoken to first.

If I was rostered to collect the boys’ subs money for the day’s game, Dean would point towards his wife and comment ‘Caron’s the finance lady!’

I sat next to Dean at a cricket match one morning and had a general conversation about the Essendon Football Club in his time of playing there. He was very open and frank about the ins and outs and the workings of the club. He seemed to have loved his time at Essendon and was very obliging in letting me in to some of the secrets of the personalities and workings at the Bombers at the time.

There was just the two of us chatting on this occasion and I have always remembered that conversation.

Dean Bailey – tragically taken too soon.

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Don’t you just love beating Carlton?

ess v carDon’t you just love beating Carlton!

Have a little cry, cry, cry

Have a little cry, cry, cry

Have a little cry, cry, cry

Have a little cry, cry, cry

Have a little cry, cry, cry

Have a little cry, cry, cry

Lovingly sent to us by DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster Old Santa.


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What do you get when you mix Essendon’s Dyson Heppell with Melbourne’s Lynden Dunn?

One of the funniest things I have ever seen, that’s what.

Lovingly sent to us by DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, Bruce Clarke from team PEAR

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I have a name for the new Don’s grey jumper.


Let me know when Essendon are playing…


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Bombers’ new away strip

What do you think about the Bombers’ new ‘Away Strip?’

Pressure from the AFL has finally gotten the better of the Essendon Football Club. The Bombers have until now defied all attempts from the AFL to get them to conform to the controversial collection of Away Strips that other clubs are wearing when a clash is (or is not) imminent with the colours of their opponent.

The AFL have lost patience with Essendon though and will fine the club $5000.00 for each player who does not wear an away strip against teams where a clash is immiment. This means a fine of $110,000.00 per game if Essendon don’t design and wear an away strip.

Written in the Bombers’ constitution is a clause that Essendon will always wear a red sash on their guernsey. The past few years have seen Essendon make some sort of attempt to conform to the AFL’s wishes, without veering away from their history and beliefs. I could accept the black guernsey with the thicker red sash and red shorts which has been worn on occassions against teams where a clash may cause confusion such as St. Kilda and Melbourne.

I read in the Herald Sun today that the new away strip will be worn against St. Kilda and Melbourne. I can understand this since these clubs have predominantly red and/or black in their colours but can someone please explain to me why the away strip has to be worn against Richmond (Yellow and Black) and Port Adelaide (Silver and Teal)?

The new Essendon guernsey will be the red sash with a black border on a grey guernsey with the names of every Essendon premiership player embossed on the jumper. The great John Coleman’s name will be written on the sash.

The league is full of clubs with away strips that take away from the identity of the real club. Since when did Hawthorn wear blue? St.Kilda in yellow – how about that Melbourne jumper which is mostly white? How do Collingwood get away with their black with white stripes reverting to white with black stripes for their strip which resembles a bar code at the best of times? Brisbane have an image of the Camel Cigarette packet on their away jumper…and don’t even start me on the so-called Navy Blues with the pooncy duck egg pale blue?

Essendon is black and red, not grey and red.

I often watch the footy on TV  and sometimes I have no idea who is playing since I don’t instantly recognise the teams.

If you ask me, Essendon’s traditional guernsey is the best in the league, Essendon’s colours don’t clash with any other clubs, the other clubs colours clash with Essendon’s. Whatever they say, the new guernsey is not Red and Black and it is just another example of the AFL taking another slice of my game away from me.

Let me know what you think of the new guernsey.

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Mike Sheahan finally gets it.

Mike Sheahan has had a change of heart.

AFL football reporter Mike Sheahan has always had a bee in his bonnet about the ANZAC DAY football match being exclusive to Essendon and Collingwood. Every year he gets on his high horse about the unfairness of the game being exclusive to these two clubs. In reply I monotonously  enter a post in this forum every year about the ridiculous notion that some people in football and other clubs think the game should be shared around to other teams.

These people including Mike Sheahan just don’t get it.

The day is so big because Essendon and Collingwood make it big. During the pre-match ceremony put on by the RSL and the armed forces, you could hear a pin drop amongst the 87,000 crowd, most with heads bent in respect of the men and women who gave their lives in defence of our country. The fans totally understand and respect the occassion. No other club could put on the show that these two clubs do with such class and distinction each year. How many other clubs could pull a crowd of 87,000 on a most miserably cold and wet Wednesday afternoon?

Of all of the other big clubs, Carlton supporters only show up when their team is doing well, Hawthorn would only pull a similar crowd if the game was against either Essendon or Collingwood, Melbourne supporters would be at the ski resorts and you couldn’t contemplate Richmond being involved. Fair dinkum, if Richmond supporters were in the trenches together they would end up shooting each other.

In the leadup to this years’ ANZAC DAY clash, Sheahan again commented on how he thinks the game should go out to other worthy clubs. My instant reaction was ‘Here we go again – Sheahan just doesn’t get it’.

After the match last night Mike Sheahan was scheduled to comment on radio 3AW and I listened intently to hear what dribble he would bleat about the unfairness of the match. Would he suggest Poor ol’ Footscray or North Melbourne should play the match? Would it be last years’ premiers to play off?

I was however pleasantly surprised to hear that after all this time Sheahan has finally changed his views. After yesterday’s fantastic occassion Mike Sheahan came on radio and admitted that he thinks the game should now be exclusive to Essendon and Collingwood since yet again both clubs put on an epic display of football and along with the RSL a top class event. It is a very refreshing change of heart from Sheahan who after 17 years of Ess/Coll ANZAC DAY clashes has finally realised that Collingwood and Essendon have earnt their right to keep this match exclusively theirs.

I don’t often agree with Mike Sheahan but I’m pleased he finally understands that the success of the day is totally attributed to Essendon and Collingwood in conjunction with the RSL and the Armed Forces.


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