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A rant by Hooter

What the hell is Andrew demetriou doing with our game!!!! What sort of a numb-nutted dumbarse idea is it to have a floating fixture? As it is, these gelatinous parasitic pharisees at AFL headquarters, led by Demetriou and that other weasel Adrian “Which end of the football do you Kick” Anderson…what IS his claim to football fame other than having his head up Demetrious sphincter, can’t get a simple fixture right…play each other once, then start again until you hit 22 games each club has played…simple isn’t it…apparently not when you have Richmond and Hawthorn playing each other for the first time in Round 21 in a 16 team competition!!!!!

If this is “The Peoples” game, then maybe the positions on the AFL board should be elected by the people…those 2 morons would not stand a chance of getting their jobs back…GIVE ME BACK MY GAME!!!!!!



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2008 AFL Football Fixture – The current round is: ROUND 1

Round 1
Local Time
6:10 PM Carlton vs Richmond MCG
8:15 PM Port Adelaide vs Geelong AAMI Stadium
2:10 PM Collingwood vs Fremantle MCG
7:10 PM St. Kilda vs Sydney Telstra Dome
5:40 PM West Coast vs Brisbane Lions Subiaco
1:10 PM Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide Telstra Dome
4:40 PM Hawthorn vs Melbourne MCG
2:10 PM Kangaroos vs Essendon Telstra Dome

Round 1 of the 2008 footy season kicks off this Thursday Night.

Time to study the teams and matches. I’ve got a fairly good idea of my 8 winners and I’ll tell you now, my plans don’t include Richmond. N.P.R

No more mucking about you lot, I plan to win this here comp this season.

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