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Footy teams and their Olympic sister countries – episode 2

DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster Steve Wills from team POSSUM BOY has sent us his own entry to our latest competition ‘FOOTY TEAMS AND THEIR OLYMPIC SISTER COUNTRIES’

Essendon think they are the greatest thing going around and preform like crap when it counts. Great Britan
Footscray. Can’t win anything and always reminisce about the time they came third. New Zealand .
GWS. Based in the middle of nowhere, a bugger of a place to get to and no one really cares how they go.
Sao Tome and Principe.
Tipsmaster’s note: All I can say is – you’re a very funny man Steve Wills!

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DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipstress and our Italian corresponant Nadia Suric from team BYRD has again enlightened us with her highly entertaining footy tips.

BYRD has related our footy teams to their Olympic country counterparts.

Please feel free to send me your own ideas for FOOTY TEAMS AND THEIR OLYMPIC SISTER COUNTRIES


Unquestionably a City of Churches, 749 of them!

Drive to a winery… a Church…Pray!

Pass by another winery… another Church!… Ask for forgiveness!

Stagger on to the next winery Oh God!…Hiccup!… I think I’m gunna spew …Hiccup!…Is that what I think it is?…Yup!…a Church…Repent!

Vatican City is enormously proud in bearing the Olympic flag for this humble lot.


North Melbourne

(God! I hate them) without a shadow of doubt the most awful, cold, nasty, rude and unfriendly club in the league. They are anti social, no morals, socially handicapped, and corrupt.

Leaves a chill in the marrow of your bones just like living in the subzero conditions in Siberia Moscow



USA (Red Neck Capital – Texas) First class Bogans who cannot conform or adapt to normal and simple human behaviour.

No class, undefined, unrefined, disrespectful, uncouth and ill mannered.

Inaudibly, their speech makes “Eliza Doolittle” seem articulate…read on.

“ Dang! I cudnt unnerstand a wurd he sed … must be from some farn country.”

I rest my case!


“Io Sono Carlton” in plain old English, quite simply Maestro “ I Am Carlton”

We are classy, cultured, fashionable, glamorous, ritzy, sophisticated, smart, stylish, and suave.

We have the looks, the charm and the know how in networking with the elite of the elitist. Integrity at it’s best!

The Italians always do it better…Ah!…Bella Italia

Known fact! Saudi Arabia has yet to send any of their female athletes to participate in the Olympics, their systematic discrimination is shameful, an outcry of utter disbelief, beyond comprehension. Is it any wonder that Buddy ”Monomaniac, Sexist Pig” Franklin has now taken flight to Dubai to seek multiple wives, the would be “Sheikh” can govern and rule as he sees fit. Totalitarianism. Buddy’s way or no way.



The Carnivale Parade along with its colorful floats, adornments, music, glitter show casing their marvelous and daring costumes for the entire world to see. What better way in showing off and broadcasting this spectacular event? The shimmer, the glimmer and the sparkle would do Brazil – Rio De Janiero enormously proud.



Fremantle is not only a gateway to the west; it is also renown for it’s long colonial history as well for preserving the architectural beauty of the city. Being one of the famous docklands in Australia, a worthy representation of one of the largest and famous docks in the world is none other than the Port of Rotterdam – The Netherlands.


St Kilda

Amsterdam (The Red Light District)

Littered with brothels, sex shops, museums, the Red Light District leaves nothing to the imagination. In all honesty Maestro, this sleazy mob will feel right at home and at ease. At least these boys can roam the darkly lit streets freely, visit the red-fringed parlors or a peep show in a private cabin without the risk of being photographed or fined. Befitting in description.

West Coast

Mining Industry – Australia The rich is getting richer the poor is getting poorer. With the mining boom lately, I can think of none other but insatiable greed, materialism, obscene profits and wealth for the big, fat ugly mining magnates.

Apparently Geological experts have recently discovered that Gina “Jesus! Woman grab yourself a Stylist!” Rinehart caused the recent earthquake in Melbourne by dropping her purse!

On that note, the European countries notably the Greeks are really hoping to do well in the Olympics. If Greece wins gold medals, they can use them as cash.

Just thought I stir-fry some ideas in your wok Maestro.

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