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Poor ol’ Footscray v GWS Theme Songs

Some of the biggest tools in the world ring radio stations and today was no exception.

I was listening to the 3AW sports program with Gerard Healy and Dwayne Russell when an irate Poor ol’ Footscray supporter phoned in to complain about the new GWS club song. This fella was trying to make the point that GWS have stolen the Poor ol’ Footscray theme song.

Fair dinkum – what is he on? This idiot has been hanging around too much with the bloke who reckons ‘Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree’ sounds like ‘Down Under’…but that’s another story…

These two club songs are nothing alike. The GWS song is an inspirational  belter, straight out of the classic Cossacks’ movie ‘TARUS BULBA’ whereas the Poor Ol’s song is like their footy history, a kiddies story straight out of ‘GRIMMS FAIRY TALES’

The GWS song is a cracker and I can’t wait to hear it again – (unless it is against Essendon).

On the other hand The Poor ol’ Footscray song is a dead set dud.

TIPSMASTER’s NOTE: I reckon this irate Talkback radio caller is like the rest of us, he has simply never heard the Poor ols’ song often enough because it is very, very rarely sung!

Here’s a sample of both songs. You will probably be unfamiliar with both because we have rarely heard either of them But here goes.


Sons of disgrace.

Red, White and Blue

We’ll come out smiling

When we win or lose (we’ll lose…)

Bulldogs fart and bulldogs snore

We’re nowhere near the rest

But you can’t beat the boys of the Bulldogs team

With an empty trophy chest!


Well there’s a big big sound
From the West of the town
It’s the sound of the mighty GIANTS

You feel the ground A-SHAKING
The other teams are quaking
In their boots before the GIANTS

We take the longest strides
And the highest leap
We’re stronger than the rest

We’re the Greater Western Sydney GIANTS
We’re the biggest and the best

And we will never surrender
We’ll fight until the end
We’re greater than the rest

TIPSMASTER’s NOTE: fairdinkum I could belt out the GWS song all day long while guzzling vodka and playing chess.




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Today is a day to behold, tipsters!

Today is a milestone day in the proud history of the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP. You see tipsters, today we signed up our first ever Greater Western Sydney supporter. (This tipster probably has the distinction of being the first ever Greater Western Sydney supporter anywhere).

Yes folks, Aberfeldie- St Johns Cricket Club star Dean Harris from team DEANOSKA is a first year tipster in the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP and has nominated his AFL team of choice as GWS- Great Western Sydney.

I thought Dean was going to give me the fairy tale story of how he has barracked for GWS all of his life, he has never missed a game and has all of the players’ autographs – until he sent me this message:

“Hey Col, being a Western Sydney boy. I’m going to go for GWS from now on, the Swans can move over for where the real talent in Sydney comes from!!”

You really have to admire Dean’s optimism but I tend to wonder, is being the only GWS supporter like being the only gay in the village?


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More on the Collingwood overload

Herald Sun Tuesday Feb 28 2012.

*Collingwood mentioned on the front page.

*Half page spread on the back page about a Collingwood player with possible mental issues.

*Quater page mention on back page about Travis Cloke.

*Second page from the back 3/4 page article on how Travis Cloke has not received an offer from Greater Western Sydney. (tipsmaster’s note: This is also the case for about 635 other league players and me. What is so special about the Collingwood bloke not receiving an offer? On this theory, you could write an article about Dale Thomas not being considered for the Prime Minister’s job)

*Also on this page, a follow up report of Sooky, Sooky Collingwood’s whinging about the Dees poaching their staff – sooky, sooky McGuire has threatened to pocket the spoils of the Queens Birthday clash if the Dees don’t back off!…what a sook…

*4th page from the back – a 1/4 page spread of Andrew Krakouer and his health fears.

*Same page about Collingwood’s young Kirk Ugle (the bloke with the household name) who wants to be given a game since Collingwood are riddled with injury.


I counted 9 Collingwood articles I could find (without even trying) in the sports section of the Herald sun on a day in the cricket season when Cricket’s Night of Nights awarded Michael Clarke the ALAN BORDER MEDAL. Cricket was allowed no mention on the front page, a mere photo on the back page and a full report 4 pages from the back.


All other AFL clubs combined amassed a total of 4 articles, one of Geelong (of which Collingwood got a mention), one of Greater Western Sydney’s Israel Folau (of which Collingwood got a mention), one about a comment from Hawthorn’s Alistair Clarkson, and one from Brad (I have the biggest face in footy) Ebert.


My advise to the sports editor of the Herald Sun. Stop writing about Collingwood because no one is interested and the ones who are can’t read anyway.

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GWS Theme Song

Footy’s back and what a way to kick it off. The unveiling of the GWS GIANTS’ new theme song, written by Harry Angus.

Check the song out for yourself here:

This little dittie has a real Russian feel about it with more oomph and gusto than Freo’s ‘Song of the Vulgar Boatman’ (Hi Ho Heave Ho)

The GWS song led me to imagine the feel in the rooms of GWS if they ever win a game.

Will they celebrate by belting out the song, arms folded while doing the Cosak dance, followed by guzzling Vodka and a game of chess?

How about marching through the banner Goose Step style?

Will their mascot be Misha the 1980 Moscow Olympics bear?

Would their supporters look something like this?

It’s a great pity none of these questions will be answered in the short term because GWS have about as much chance of winning a game as the Tsars have of making a royal comeback.


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