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Something to smile about – Dentist sponsors Collingwood Cheers Squad

Lovingly sent to us by DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster Andrew McSwain from team FARMER.

Smile Solutions, Australias largest private dental practice, today has given the Collingwood cheer squad something to smile about.  As the official dentists to the Collingwood Football Club, Smile Solutions have announced that they will also be the official sponsor of the Collingwood cheer squad in 2014.

As part of the sponsorship package, official cheer squad members and their children will receive discounted care for all specialist and general dental treatments.  In their cheer squad pack they also receive a 100 Smile Dollarsvoucher as well as official cheer squad apparel, and a quality rain poncho in case weather at the Gturns ugly.

 Click on the link for the full media report.


Tipsmaster’s note: I hope they know what they are getting in to…


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Should DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster Bruce Clarke from team PEAR consider donning the Joffa jacket as he spruiks about the Storm coming from behind to trounce Parramatta in the Rugger? Pear’s brother Legend certainly thinks so:

dear tipmaster,
it has come to my attention that a certain fellow tipster has stooped to the lowest form of sledging that one can only describe as” JOFFERING”.
i refer to a text message that i received last night regarding the result of the parramatta v storm game
as you might be aware i’m am a long time supporter of the mighty eels who unfortunately gave up an 18-0 lead at half time to go down 18-22.
it was after the game was won that i received the message of STICK THAT UP YOUR ARSE PARRA!!!!
My problem is why didn’t i receive any messages before or during the game when storm were well behind,this my friend is a bad case of “JOFFERING”
made famous by that idiot gold jacket wearing peanut collingwood dick,who never ever dons the jacket until the game is safely in the bag!!!
The sender of this message is the first bloke in the crowd to show his discontent with any opposition supporter who is very quiet during a game but chirps up as the final siren blows.
i say shame this person publicly.

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