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DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, MANSKI is our Italian correspondent and has enlightened us with this little gem of information about Tony Liberatore.
Just a quick fact for you, did you know that the english translation of the word “libratore”, as in Tony Libratore, (Assistant coach), my cullo, translation: my ass, means to release, let go. Hhhmm, that kinda got me thinking, you see I have this conspiracy theory, (yeah, yeah I know it’s just the start season…) or maybe with this indian summer my grey matter might have just been exposed to the uv’s for a little longer than usual.
But, maybe dear old “libba” had something to do with the suspected “tanking”, or maybe he’s just one big sookie la la!. While he was, ahem, excuse me while I just stop laughing out loud hysterically, and at the same time nearly weeing my pants, assistant coach for the blues, (hhmmph), all he ever did at the blues camp, was to yell from across the ground: “kick it me, kick it to me”, or he suffers from short man syndrome. Libratore, yeah, I would have “let go”, “released” “got rid” of him many moons ago! Just thought I’d toss a few ideas in the wok yeah?… Ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin!   


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