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Tipster Pear’s new romance?


DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster Bruce Clarke of team ‘PEAR’ was recently spotted being very friendly, arm in arm with NRL Melbourne Storm star Cameron Smith at a function at Crown Casino.

Other notable celebrities were also spotted at the same shindig…

elton & freddie

elton & molly

What kind of a party was this???


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NRL insults our National Anthem

I tuned in to watch the NRL State of Origin match between QLD and NSW on Wednesday night. As is tradition with these events they had a performer sing the National Anthem before the game. This years’ singer was Caitlin Marks, the star of the Musical Stage Production ‘ANNIE’.

I was disappointed and amazed to find that Caitlin performed the song in character, wearing the costume and wig she wears for the stage show. This is a very distinctive costume which would be immediately identified as relating to the show ANNIE and was clearly an advertisement for the show which is currently playing in Melbourne.

I have always believed in the national anthem and the patriotism it represents. I believe that we should stand with our hats off when it is played at an event. I always proudly stand and sing along and I am always disappointed when sportsmen and sportswomen don’t sing along.

The NRL deny any knowledge prior to the event of Caitlin performing in character but I think someone should have been responsible and stepped in and over ruled to make her change her outfit before she went out to sing. We live in a world inundated with advertising and I don’t believe it was an accident. My suspicious mind suspects there may have been a deal done as a clear advertisement for the show.

Call me a prude but our national anthem should not be used as an advertising platform, either directly or indirectly for any organisation or product.



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