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Do-Gooders are stuffing our game up.





The do-gooders are at it again in this Nanny State we live in.

Some panel of idiots have decided that we will no longer be doing any scoring, awards or finals for the kids in under age Aussie Rules footy There will be no ladders, match results or representative teams under the new ruling.

We will not have any scoreboards at the game either – the boofheads who decided this think the kids won’t know who has won and who the best players were.


It seems we can’t let little Johnny get upset if his team loses or if he doesn’t get a medal at the end of the year. Learning to lose is probably more important for the junior boys and girls than learning to win and we do this by letting the kids experience both.

Striving for excellence often begins with finishing second.

Many years ago I played in an under 11’s junior footy team where we did not win a game all year but it did not deter me from the contest the following week.

I recently coached a junior cricket team that only won 2 games for the year but every kid turned up to training each week and loved playing the game every Saturday.

Do we have to wrap up our babies in cotton wool forever? Already tackling has been taken out of junior footy in a lot of competitions which may or may not be a good thing for the little kids but but taking the prize away from them is just ridiculous and does not teach any life skills to our children. Life is full of winning and losing and what better place than a sporting club to get kids accustomed to life’s disappointments of finishing second and striving to finish first.

Has this ridiculous ruling been brought in to curb the  feral parents at the game who are more obssesed with the result of the contest than the kids are? (I have seen plenty of feral parents at junior footy first hand). Will taking the scoring and the result away really improve the behaviour of the red neck parent? Will it really make the kids happy at the end of the game/season?

I think not.

Kids love talking about the game, who won and lost and who the best players were.

Perhaps we should take away scoring, awards and premierships at  senior AFL level too so the Poor ol’ Footscray supporters can finally have something to smile about.



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Poor ol’ Footscray v GWS Theme Songs

Some of the biggest tools in the world ring radio stations and today was no exception.

I was listening to the 3AW sports program with Gerard Healy and Dwayne Russell when an irate Poor ol’ Footscray supporter phoned in to complain about the new GWS club song. This fella was trying to make the point that GWS have stolen the Poor ol’ Footscray theme song.

Fair dinkum – what is he on? This idiot has been hanging around too much with the bloke who reckons ‘Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree’ sounds like ‘Down Under’…but that’s another story…

These two club songs are nothing alike. The GWS song is an inspirational  belter, straight out of the classic Cossacks’ movie ‘TARUS BULBA’ whereas the Poor Ol’s song is like their footy history, a kiddies story straight out of ‘GRIMMS FAIRY TALES’

The GWS song is a cracker and I can’t wait to hear it again – (unless it is against Essendon).

On the other hand The Poor ol’ Footscray song is a dead set dud.

TIPSMASTER’s NOTE: I reckon this irate Talkback radio caller is like the rest of us, he has simply never heard the Poor ols’ song often enough because it is very, very rarely sung!

Here’s a sample of both songs. You will probably be unfamiliar with both because we have rarely heard either of them But here goes.


Sons of disgrace.

Red, White and Blue

We’ll come out smiling

When we win or lose (we’ll lose…)

Bulldogs fart and bulldogs snore

We’re nowhere near the rest

But you can’t beat the boys of the Bulldogs team

With an empty trophy chest!


Well there’s a big big sound
From the West of the town
It’s the sound of the mighty GIANTS

You feel the ground A-SHAKING
The other teams are quaking
In their boots before the GIANTS

We take the longest strides
And the highest leap
We’re stronger than the rest

We’re the Greater Western Sydney GIANTS
We’re the biggest and the best

And we will never surrender
We’ll fight until the end
We’re greater than the rest

TIPSMASTER’s NOTE: fairdinkum I could belt out the GWS song all day long while guzzling vodka and playing chess.



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Poor ol’ Footscray finally win something

Worthy rewards for beating G.W.S

Hope they can find room in the trophy cabinet for this 
The time honored " PM's cup " 

tipster Steve Wills from team STIVA


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Poor ol’ Footscray revert to their Poor ol’ Strip

I’m interested to read that Poor ol’ Footscray have reverted back to their blue guernsey with the red and white hoops. This was the guernsey that was worn by the Poor ol’ Footscray players in their moment of glory, the 1954 season when Poor ol’ Footscray actually won something…the 1954 flag.

“We see the new Guernsey as the birth of a new tradition – that reflects our connection to our community and commitment to build the Western Front,” says Western Bulldogs Chief Executive, Simon Garlick.

Poor ol’ Footscray have tried several different strips in their bid for an identity that has lost it’s way over the decades. From Footscray to the Western Bulldogs and back again, nothing seems to have worked for this club who spruiks so much but displays a cabinet so bare.

The heritage guernsey has a touch of Nanna’s tea towel about it, something Happy Hammond would be proud to wear. This depiction tells the whole poor ol’ story, the body language of the players suggests that Poor ol’ Footscray may have lost…again…

Whoever designed this guernsey with Fido on the front had no idea how to draw. It doesn’t even look like a dog. The caricature looks more like a dog’s skull than the head of man’s best friend. Poor ol’ Footscray were always dead dogs with this on their chest.

We would all be familiar with this Poor ol’ Footscray guernsey. This strip is the one the Bulldogs wore for twenty odd years from about 1980. I always thought it looked best with the red shorts.

The away strip displayed the dead dog again.

This collection of Poor ol’ Footscray guernseys are my favorites. These were the proposed designs when Poor ol’ Footscray were rumoured to be merging with the struggling Fitzroy Lions. Was it Fitzcray or Footsroy?

Then again Poor ol’ Footscray have been rumoured to merge with just about every other team…

No matter how you look at it, you have to hand it to Poor ol’ Footscray for trying. Let’s hope reverting to the old hoops will bring back some of the magic of ’54 so the Dogs can actually win something and get me off their back forever.


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No more Collingwood!

A sure sign that footy is back is the repeated bulltish overload of the Collingwood football club in our newspapers.

On one day alone, (Herald Sun Friday Feb 24), I learnt that Melbourne are poaching some of Collingwood’s coaching staff and the poor old sooky, sooky Magpies are unhappy about it.

Woopity doot!

This piece of sports journalistic dribble should have been worthy of say a small column a few pages from the back page, but since it involved Collingwood, the ‘scoop’ was awarded the prime real estate position of a full spread on the back page where the real big sports stories should prevail. I might add, the story went under the misleading heading of ‘DEES RAID PIES’ which attracts the reader to the story to find out what darstadly deeds the Demons have been bestowing on the sooky, sooky Magpies. To read the story and find out that the raid was to poach such household names as Jason Taylor, Collingwood’s recruiting assistant…’ASSISTANT’! This followed on from the Dees poaching that famous sports physiotherapist, Gary Nicholls and assistant coach Leigh Brown.

I also learned that:

Dane Swan thinks he will return to Arizona mid year,

Travis Cloke is on top of the Free Agents wish list,

Phil Carmen is providing AFL players with legal, educational, investment, career and media advise,

Eddie McGuire is on a fitness kick,

Dayne Beams gave evidence in court,

and Dane Swann wants to get a tattoo in his ear…

I discovered all of this important information all before I reached the ’50/50 column!’

Today I open Sunday’s Herald Sun (which in my opinion is no more than a gossipy weekend magazine, tracing the movements of  Kylie, Lara and Kerry-Anne) to find another Collingwood overload on a weekend where they didn’t even play a semi serious match!

Did you know that Dane Swann and Dale Thomas went to Bali over the off season? I know because the Sunday Herald Sun wrote a scoop on it…

A full middle page spread of the over rated Nick Maxwell telling the world how only a premiership is good enough for his club. Isn’t that the situation with most clubs? He was also having a sooky about how Geelong were picking on him in the Grand Final.


I regret the fact that I am contributing to the Collingwoodfest with my post here but I had to get it off my chest. It’s gunna be another long year if this Collingwood hysteria is precedent of things to come.

Fortunately Julia Gillard attended a Bulldogs practice match this weekend so we may get to read something about Poor ol’ Footscray on Monday!


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Poor ol’ Julia

It goes to prove you have to be careful what you say.

As promised, Poor ol’ Julia has been selected at Full Forward this week for Poor ol’ Footscray.

(I wonder what Big Bad Bazza had to say about that one…)

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Ridiculous comments from Poor ol’ Footscray supporters.

All of you know me.

I’m not a vindictive man, a man of revenge, vengence or grudge. I never, ever spruik about my team winning, such is the humble individual that is me.

But I can’t help it with Poor ol’ Footscray. Since the dawn of time I’ve had to endure the jibes and ridicule from the supporters of this insignificant little club. The feral voice of those with far too little to crow about rings in my head every time Poor ol’ Footscray are gunna win the premiership…again…

I feel a need to sway from the norm and share with you the ridiculous comments I’ve had to endure from Poor ol’ Footscray supporters all week. These are the Poor ol’ Footscray supporters who again prematurely blew their load before the event.

SYMO: Hi Col, As usual NZ was cold, wet & windy and I am happy to be back just in time to see the mighty Dogs destroy the Gliders tonight although the forecast for wet weather does concern me slightly (might reduce the margin to below a 100 points !!).

SYMO again: All those “Poor Old Footscray” supporters will be looking for blood on Monday Col – you know that

THE BIG V: Dogs to beat Bombers – this makes me 1 ahead in the weeks tips against Col, Hooter & Tigey. Wise tip #1 – APF!

Tipsmaster’s note: APF = Alas Poor Footscray.

THE BIG V again:hope the Roos and Thompson get smashed! Very proud of Big Bad Bazza last week, got a headlock in and avoided suspension. Bring on Round 18!

THE JUDESTER: Bulldogs (yep, big bazza to go berserk & punch everyone’s lights out).

TIPSMASTER’s note: THE JUDESTER is actually a sooky, sooky Collingwood supporter who thought she too would get on the Poor ol’ Footscray Bandwagon.

I love the footy when we win 🙂


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