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Sh1t football team

DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster STEW CLARKE from team LEGEND has brought to my attention a fair dinkum sh1t football team from Div 3 in Adelaide.


In the past 8 rounds they have been smacked by a total of:

419goals, 214 behinds = 2728 points


9 goals, 7 behinds = 61 points

The Kilburn Football Team – I reckon Col Gray could get a game amongst that lot, Portarlington would even put them to shame!



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The worst scoreboard I have ever seen.

I went along to support Portarlington football club last weekend as Port played away against Newcomb in the Bellarine football league.

The Newcomb football club have the undisputed worst scoreboard I have ever seen! At first I thought the scores were 13 11 66 until my quick mathematics rang a bell to tell me that 13 goals 11 does not add up to 66. I then shrewdly discovered that 13 11 66 was the Pizza Hut phone number!

One has to wonder whether PIZZA HUT and KFC sponsorship warrants your footy club being ridiculed here on DGES FOOTYTALK.

You may recall I posted an article on DGES FOOTYTALK a year ago on 11.6.2009, commenting how I have never seen Portarlington win a game and I have rarely seen them score. Well the good news folks is that Port had a day out against Newcomb and won the match by 42 points.

Great celebrations were enjoyed by the town of Portarlington that night and well into the next day as the second last placed Demons defeated the bottom side Newcomb.

13.15.93 to 6.15.51

Well done Port!


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