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Judester won the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP for the second time. Judester is one of our oldest…err…longest serving tipsters in the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP and always performs well in her tipstering, whether she is winning the competition or simply taking the jackpot as she did in round 8 earlier this year. Judester is also one of our best recruiters who along with her husband HOOTER, they both lure plenty of unassuming and unsuspecting new tipsters each season. JUDESTER pocketed $730.20 for her first prize.

Well done JUDESTER a very worthy winner indeed.


Second place went to Glen Clarke of team MOOSEBOY. Glen is also a previous winner of the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP. On his first occasion of excellence, (back in the days of tipstering via fax machine), your tipsmaster played a bit of a game with MOOSEBOY and told him on the following Monday that MOOSEBOY had failed to submit his tips. Hence he had been awarded the away teams and failed to win the prize. Well MOOSEBOY went off his nut, blaming his wife for not sending the fax and really going into a tyradical rampage! (funny as…)

Anyway your tipsmaster later fessed up to MOOSEBOY and told him we were pulling his leg and that he really had won the prize. Plenty of chuckling was shared by all on that occasion! This year, MOOSEBOY had a stumble at the final hurdle and finished in second place with a prize packet booty of $304.25 Well done MOOSEBOY.


Third prize went to Chris Plant of team OLD SANTA –  a tipster who is always up around the top of the tipping table at the business end because he does know his footy. Although one would doubt his world famous footy scoops, such as the time he heard on the radio that Paul Salmon was a late withdrawl from the game, regardless of the fact that Salmon had just run through the banner with the rest of his team mates! OLD SANTA has won $121.70 for his third prize. Well done OLD SANTA


Our booby prize went to a very worthy winner in DANIEL CLARKE (son of Glen) At 17 years of age, Daniel is one of our youngsters in the tipping comp but has been with us for about 10 seasons. Daniel has been a prize winner before and I think this season’s strategy of forgetting to submit his tips most weeks has proven most lucrative for him as he will pocket $60.85 for finishing 3rd last. Well done Daniel.

Keep submitting your tips for the finals series tipsters where the tipster with the most correct selections after the finals series will win a slab of beer of your choice (to the value of VB)

At the end of the season I will publish a full list of all winners, including jackpot winners.

Stand by!


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Congratulations to our DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP winners for season 2009

First prize 128 points JOHNNO $666.00

Second prize 127 points SOCKO $277.50

Third prize 126 points PRINCESS KEELY & ASSOCIATES $111.00

Third last prize 84 points THE UNIT $55.50

Well done to all tipsters – just remember, simply participating makes you a winner in the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP!

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*Winner of the match VICTORIA

*Winning Margin 17 POINTS

*Best on Ground BRENDAN FEVOLA

*Highest goal scorer for Victoria FEVOLA 6

*Highest goal scorer for Dream Team FRANKLIN 4

*Player with most overall possessions P. BURGOYNE 36 (16 kicks, 20 handballs)

*Player with least overall possessions C. MOONEY 3 (1 kick, 2 handballs)

*Crowd in attendance 69,294

*Most likely to get injured FRASER – VIC (knee), KERR – A.S (ankle)

*Most likely to get reported NIL

TIPSMASTER’S NOTE: It was fitting that Brendan Fevola won the AA medal for his best on ground performance. The AA (ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS) medal was most apt, especially after Fev’s recent misdemeanors of smashing a hotel attendant while on tour in Ireland, followed by having a wiz in public. The Alcoholics Anonymous medal was a most suitable award for such a player…

Oh, sorry…what’s that?

AA medal stands for the ALLAN AYLETT medal…oops.


STIV: 3 points ( Make that 4 points. Stiv must get a bonus point for nominating the crowd attendance as his favorite number, 69,690 only 396 out but still, a 69 is a 69).

POMMIE: 1 point. Pommie’s 1 point was for getting the highest goal scorer for Victoria correct. Pommie selected *THE DAGO THE PISSHEAD ONE!

COL: 2 points (I only entered under sufferance and I slept through the match)

SYMO: got zero points, mainly because most of his answers were Footscray players. Symo did get an honorable mention for his his answer to question 9,

* Player most likely to get injured Matthew Lloyd – probably fall off the couch watching it at home


HOOTER: wouldn’t lower himself to get involved in the Hit and Giggle quiz: Any team that has it’s song to the same tune as Nth “What the fark is a shinboner” Melbourne deserves to get the shite kicked out of them…who gives a fat rats arse about a game that is NOT State of Origin and involves, quite possibly, the worst ever football jumper ever to grace a football field…and that’s saying something given the Allies, Hawthorn, Brisbane’s 1st effort, Hawthorn, Carlton’s M&M and away, St.Kilda (various), Hawthorn… (TIPSMASTER’S NOTE: I can’t believe you didn’t mention Freo’s jumper)

WEE & POO man INGO wouldn’t get drawn into the argument: Too many Hawthorn’s in there- Better to have a shit jumper than be a shit side I say


THE BIG V was our equal top scorer along with STIV on 3 correct winners.

I am, however announcing our winner with all spruiking rights in the DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP, Steve Wills from team STIV with his bonus point for picking the 69 crowd.




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