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Ridiculous comments from Poor ol’ Footscray supporters.

All of you know me.

I’m not a vindictive man, a man of revenge, vengence or grudge. I never, ever spruik about my team winning, such is the humble individual that is me.

But I can’t help it with Poor ol’ Footscray. Since the dawn of time I’ve had to endure the jibes and ridicule from the supporters of this insignificant little club. The feral voice of those with far too little to crow about rings in my head every time Poor ol’ Footscray are gunna win the premiership…again…

I feel a need to sway from the norm and share with you the ridiculous comments I’ve had to endure from Poor ol’ Footscray supporters all week. These are the Poor ol’ Footscray supporters who again prematurely blew their load before the event.

SYMO: Hi Col, As usual NZ was cold, wet & windy and I am happy to be back just in time to see the mighty Dogs destroy the Gliders tonight although the forecast for wet weather does concern me slightly (might reduce the margin to below a 100 points !!).

SYMO again: All those “Poor Old Footscray” supporters will be looking for blood on Monday Col – you know that

THE BIG V: Dogs to beat Bombers – this makes me 1 ahead in the weeks tips against Col, Hooter & Tigey. Wise tip #1 – APF!

Tipsmaster’s note: APF = Alas Poor Footscray.

THE BIG V again:hope the Roos and Thompson get smashed! Very proud of Big Bad Bazza last week, got a headlock in and avoided suspension. Bring on Round 18!

THE JUDESTER: Bulldogs (yep, big bazza to go berserk & punch everyone’s lights out).

TIPSMASTER’s note: THE JUDESTER is actually a sooky, sooky Collingwood supporter who thought she too would get on the Poor ol’ Footscray Bandwagon.

I love the footy when we win 🙂



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BEARD – episode II


This week’s entrant is Borneo errr Brisbane star, Travis Johnston.

Your tipsmaster reckons he looks like a contestant from the tv show SURVIVOR.

Hooter wants to know if he’s a practicing Towellie.

JJ thinks he looks filthy, disgusting – needs a wash!

The Big V likes it…

JJ also said He looks like a hobo! Rumour has it his girlfriend likes the “rough and ready” look.

Tipsmaster’s note: I’m just pleased to see a wild man from Borneo photographed wearing the Brisbane Camels’ away strip.

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