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Shannon Grant Contest

I noticed Shannon Grant has been suspended by the Kangaroos for mucking up at a sponsor’s golf day. 

It led me to question how badly would you have to behave to muck up at a Sponsor’s Golf day. 

What did he do? 

If ever he has played golf at the Barooga Golf Course he has probably had the old battle-axe lady from the pro shop chasing him to get the golf cart back such as happened to me at our cricket club golf day. She told me I was taking too long to play my round (the old bitch didn’t think to have a go at the weekend hackers who were in front of us for the entire 18 holes holding us up). 

Perhaps it could be like DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipsters STIV, MVP BARNSEY and COL who were fortunate enough to play a round at Moonah Links. After we had been wined and dined by the drinks cart for 17 holes, we decided to have a race in the golf carts up the 18th, over the bunkers and greens etc on the prestigeous course. (I scored 218 that day) 

Perhaps Shannon Grant took a wiz on the 11th tee aka DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, Mick Dollard from team ‘The Skases’ at Tocumwal. 

How about Rockstar Steve Williamson who did the helicopter hurl with his putter on the 16th at Yarrambat. His putter is still there today, flapping in the breeze at the top of the eucalypts 20 years later. 

Let me know your thoughts of what Shannon Grant could possibly have done to deserve club suspension.



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