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Frank Sinatra and Mick Malthouse – partners in verse.

penned a verse celebrating the arrival of Mick Malthouse 
to 'THE MOB' at Carlscum.
Malthouse is in good company within 'THE MOB' as BYRD's 
song to the tune of Frankie Sinatra's 'New York, New York' 
will demonstrate.

BYRD: Here is my version of ol' blue eyes classic 
(New York New York)
Enjoy this with a glass of Martini 
with two olives just like Frankie.

Start spreading the news
I've joined today
I have been poached to coach 
New Club... New Club...

Collingmaguirevomitshitwood are screwed
Ed and Bucks have had their say
I am going to shove it back at them!
New Club... New Club...

I will march in and conquer VISY
That stadium is now all mine!
And know that I'm King of all Kings
Yeah! Ed and Bucks Damn swines!

My new town Blues
"Sticks" and crew are all happy today
I'm gonna make a damn good start of it
In the New Club... New Club...

If I can make it there
I'll make it bloody anywhere
It's up to me...Yes! me
New Club...New Club...

Tipsmaster's note: A beautiful rendition indeed BYRD, 
creative, imaginative, well versed...a complete 
It's just a great pity that I have had an absolute 
gutful of Mick Malthouse and the way the footy world 
asks his opinion on everything as though he was some 
sort of a messiah.
Carlton and Malthouse...they deserve each other.


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